Wrestling DVD Review – Coaching High School Wrestling: Takedown Library

This is a review a wrestling instruction DVD titled “Coaching High School Wrestling: Takedown Library“.

This instructional video is by Scot Davis.  Scot is has coach as numerous places and at the time he made this wrestling dvd, he coached at Owatonna high school in Minnesota.  He has the distinction of having the most most career wins made by any wrestling coach in US history and the only coach with over 800 dual victories.

In this dvd, he covers eleven areas on takedowns.  I just finished watching this wrestling instructional dvd and I have to say I am impressed with how much he covers.  I can tell you right now this dvd is well worth the forty bucks.  I know your here to get more information, so let’s get to it.

Coaching Highschool Wrestling Takedown Library

DVD Overview

The coaching high school series is geared toward experienced wrestling coaches.  In my opinion, this DVD could easily sell for $60+.  Scot covers so many different takedowns, that a wrestling coach would benefit from this video for years.  He doesn’t go into a lot of details, but you would expect this level of material for a seasoned wrestling coach.  I think that the best thing about this dvd is that a wrestling coach can use this for ideas to help his young wrestlers.

Overview of this Wrestling DVD
Introduction He introduces himself and he talks about how you will focus on different takedowns every year, because you will have different wrestlers with different strengths.
Basics and Single Let Takedowns.
Before he dives into take downs, he takes a couple of minutes to give a refresher on good stance. Then he focuses on numerous single leg finishes.  Some of these finishes I’ve never seen before.
High Crotch Takedowns
Talks about how you will finish a take down differently depending on whether you come into a high crotch low or high.  Scot covered seven different ways to finish a high crotch.
Double Leg Takedowns
He talks about how a double leg takedown is a finish from a tie up. From there he shows how to set up a double leg from five different situations.
Firemans and Kelly Takedowns  He show different situations and techniques to focus on with the fireman’s carry. He showed seven different finishes from the fireman’s carry… Amazing. Next he moves on to the Kelly series. He spent some time focusing on basic techniques of the kelly move and then show two different finishes from the kelly.
 Duck Unders  In this chapter of the dvd, he talks about how a duck under is almost and effortless move.  He shows several nuances to remember with the duck under.  He showed four different ways to take someone down with a duck under.
Ankle Picks He talks about how a ankle pick is not really an ankle pick, but a heel pick.  Coaches use the work ankle because a wrestler will hear the work ankle.  He talks about one of the most effective ways to do an ankle pick is to do it right when the whistle is blown.Then he goes on to talk about the ideal situation for an ankle pick is when the opponents head is right over the ankle.Scot shows five different ways to set up and finish a takedown with an ankle pick.
Foot Sweeps  In this section he talks about how your want to sweep the the foot before he plants.  He didn’t show a lot in this area, but he showed three different ways to to do a foot sweep.
Throws  In this chapter, he talks about how if you focus on throws you lose the basics, such as single legs and double legs, that you lose the basicis… not sure if I agree with that statement.He talks about in a dual, a wrestler is more conservative. In tournament the goal is to win.He covers the headlocks and laterals.  I was a lateral king and he showed me some thing I had never thought of.
Front Head Finish  in this section, he shows a finish to a front headlock.
Counter to Front Head In this chapter, he showed how to do a drag.  it was similar to what I  have see in the Scoring from a Bad Position DVD that I have previously reviewed.  Then he show how to do a give and take when applying a front headlock.
Inside Trip  He spends a couple of minutes on the inside trip. Not a lot, but still good information.
Boot Scoot in this section, he shows a boot scoot.  it looks similar to a duck under, but you fall to your hip.  He did focus on not doing the boot scoot unless you have pressure from your opponent.

Sample of Wrestling DVD

My Opinion on this DVD

I have spent a lot of time reviewing this dvd and I’m not sure I have done it justice.  If you are a wrestling coach, I would highly recommend this dvd to you.  Even better I would suggest that you go ahead and buy the Coaching High School Wrestling DVD Set. It is money well spent.

I have to add this is one of my favorite dvds I have reviewed to this date.  I have made this wrestling dvd a Editors Pick.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

I hope you enjoyed the article and give some thought to expanding your wrestling dvd instruction.  It doesn’t matter whether your a parent, a wrestler, or a wrestling coach, you should continue grow your wrestling education.  Do you have some feedback?  We would love to hear from you.  Post  a comment and let us know what you think.

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