Looking for wrestling resources? I thought it would be useful to create a wrestling resources page that my visitors can go to for all their wrestling needs. I will be updating this page as I add recommendations. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Most Recommended Wrestling Resources

These are the wrestling resources I use all the time and are directly related to wrestling. If you look at nothing else on this page, these are the websites you should know about.

I find myself using these wrestling resources again and again. I use them because they make my life easier, and I’m confident you’ll agree too.

Top Notch Wrestling Coverage

Flowrestling – Flo has become one of my main wrestling resources. I find myself constantly visiting this site to see who is ranked and stay updated on the best wrestlers from all over the nation. One of my favorite things is that they livecast so many tournaments. I use flo pro to watch my son when I can’t attend a tournament and use it for wrestling techniques.

Wrestling Tournaments

Trackwrestlingwrestling tournaments – This site has pretty much taken over the task of running a wrestling tournament. Whether is creating brackets or running a tournament online, they have mastered this task. More and more organizations are running their tournaments on track wrestling.

Amazon is a Truly Great Wrestling Resource

Amazon – Over the last year Amazon has become of my first wrestling resource for everything I need to purchase. A friend told me about Amazon Prime and I have been hooked ever since. Amazon Prime has unlimited videos, streaming music, photos, and free shipping on practically everything. If I need to buy anything, I check Amazon first.


Wrestling Nutrition

GNC – My son has wrestled since he was five and GNC have proven to be one of my top wrestling resources. I’m always buying him nutritional products to give him succeed in his wrestling. I buy protein powers, branch chain aminos, etc… I love their products and the sales people seem to be knowledgeable.

Wrestling Videos

championship-productionsChampionship Productions – If you are serious about becoming a great wrestler, then you should study from the best. I’m a big fan of instructional videos. I have bought videos for coaching soccer and wrestling videos for my son. I’m sure I will use them for my daughter who is a cheerleader.



Hotels for Wrestling

PriceLine – I cannot tell you how many times I have procrastinated getting a hotel room when my son attends and out of town tournament. PriceLine.com has become one of my best tools for finding the best price on a hotel. It’s a frequently used app on my iphone.

Wrestling Photography

OklahomaWrestling.org – Austin Bernard run this site. I bet I visit his site at least once a day. He specializes in taking wrestling photos… really good photos. Austin has done photos to little league, high school , and even college wrestling. Seriously if you want a great sports photograper, you should consider him a top wrestling resource for wrestling photography.

Wrestling Website Hosting and Tools

I design business websites in addition to wrestling sites. Here is a list of the wrestling resources that I use to develop my websites.

Softysys Hosting – I use Softsys hosting for all of my asp.net wrestling sites. I listed softsys under wrestling resources, because I have used them for the last eight years and my web sites have always ran great. They don’t have phone support, but every time I email Softsys, they respond within five minutes.

Godaddy – I use Godaddy to host wrestleclub.com. I went with Godaddy, because I created this site in WordPress. I don’t use them for asp.net site, but I love them for WordPress. WrestleClub get significant traffic and my site has ran great.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – If you are going to run a WordPress site, then yoast SEO is a a must for your website. It easily allow you to optimize your site for high search engine visibility.

WrapBootStrap – this site sells some amazing templates at extremely cheap prices. I use this site because a template will have functionality that a customer is looking for. The best thing about this site, is that I can create really nice websites that work well on the computer as well as mobile devices.

BrightLocal – I do a lot of local optimization for businesses to help them get rank higher in search engines to attract more customers. BrightLocal is a monthly membership site that give you all the tools to rank a local business.


Wrestling Images and Photos

ProBlogger.net – problogger has a great article on where to find free images and how to use them. I don’t always find the image I need, but it’s a great resource to locate free images.

10969524 – Your website logo is one of the first that visitors get from your website. I am not graphically inclined. I get a lot of questions about where to find a graphics designer. 99Designs creates logs, banners, advertising, etc.. they even have ready made logos for $99.


If you have a wrestling resource you would like to see us add, please contact us and we will consider adding the resource to this page.

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