Get More Mat Time for JV WrestlersIn a lot of high school wrestling programs, I notice the varsity squad gets a lot of mat time and
Get More Mat Time for JV Wrestlers

How to Get More Mat Time for Your Junior Varsity Wrestlers

In a lot of high school wrestling programs, I notice the varsity squad gets a lot of mat time and the JV squad gets very little mat time.  Little league, junior high, and JV wrestlers are the future of any … Continue reading

youth strength training for wrestling

Age Appropriate Weight Training for Wrestling

A big part of wrestling training is working on a wrestlers strength.  I cannot stress the importance of age appropriate weight training for young wrestlers.  As I’m writing this article, I can already see parents reading this article and thinking I’m crazy!  Why?  Because you have heard it will stunt your child’s growth? Read the article to dispel that myth.

Worse Things than Losing a Wrestling Match

There are Worse Things Than Losing a Wrestling Match

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are worst things than losing a wrestling match. As wrestling parents, we want to see our children succeed. I think as parents, we push our children too much and our expectations are too … Continue reading

Wrestling DVD Coaching Highschool Wrestling Takedown Library

Coaching High School Wrestling Takedowns

This is a review a wrestling instruction DVD titled “Coaching High School Wrestling: Takedown Library“. This instructional video is by Scot Davis. 11 techniques to mix and match based on your wrestler's style. Includes fireman's, ankle picks, throws, boot scoot technique and more.

wrestler wearing black asics wrestling bag

Asics Wrestling Bag Product Review

Today I am reviewing the ASICS sport gear bag for wrestling. This bag allows a wrestler can hold everything he or she needs when going to a wrestling tournament. If you wrestle for any length of time, a gear bag becomes essential. I purchased this wrestling equipment bag so that my son would be able to carry everything he needed when he attends wrestling competitions. He was able to pack his wrestling shoes, singlets, headgear, five gatorades, four sandwiches, numerous snacks, a small blanket, a pillow, and his headphones. After packing all of this, he still had room for more! Read the product review before you buy a wrestling gear bag.


Product Review: Asics Cael V6.0 Wrestling Shoe

ASICS Cael V6.0 Wrestling shoe review.  My son completely wore out his last pair of wrestling shoes by the end of folkstyle season. I swear he is hard on a pair of shoes.  Maybe that’s because he is a heavyweight… … Continue reading