Meaning of Wrestling is Family and Never Quitting — 8 Comments

  1. Wrestling had it’s ups and down for me but ultimately I reach my goals in wrestling with the huge support of my family. The whole team and former wrestlers that were still part of the team. Wrestling is not just a sport it is a huge family. Starting with the coaching staff that push you to limits you never new your body could take and then show you how to maintain your composer to win those big matches. Teammates that never wrestled a Varsity Match but stood by your side cheering you on. A Mother and a Aunt that never missed a match over at least a eight year period. That dedication to a sport and a team and most importantly loved ones. Wrestling has several quotes six minutes no excuse, %110 wrestling because %100 is never enough in wrestling. Pain is weakness leaving the body. This last quote hits home never seen it before. The only thing tougher than a wrestler is his Mom so true.
    Health issue threw out me life have been extremely tough. I had my fist heart attack at the age of 33 years old. My second heart attack I was coaching Jr High softball on third base. On my knees in so much pain until we tied up the game. Then I left the field ask a parent to take over for me and my wife called a ambulance. The ambulance pick me up at our house so that the girls would not be upset and we also won the game. A few days later I had a 2 way by pass and four days after the surgery I left the hospital. On the 5th day I was back coaching third base with my cough pillow at my chest and we won that game also. We should have won the Championship that year but a few key mistake cost us that championship.
    I was 39 years old at the time of the surgery. My third heart attack we had just finished up a wrestling meet and we were moving the mats to the YMCA and that pain came back again that I dreaded so much. My ass. coach at the time stayed with me till the ambulance picked me up. 4th heart attack on my left lad caused serious damage on 3/26/2016 my last day of work. Over all I have had 21 heart caths by pass surgery and a blood clot that almost took my life. Plus a bleed after a heart cath that put me in CCU for 32 hours flat on my back. If not for my heart doctor I would not be here today.

  2. Sophia friends, family, a community and the Great State of Maine is cheering for you this weekend. 6 minutes No Excuses and you will be a winner. Let’s see you at the top #1 because you are the best and you have worked so hard. Just go for it Girl !

  3. Wrestling is the greatest sport! It is a way of life! It has helped so many succeed and achieve their life goals. It teaches you to never give up and give back what you have learned.Mount Anthony Wrestlers become part of a brotherhood and help each other out always.

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