Product Review: Cliff Keen Signature Wrestling Headgear

I am reviewing the Cliff Keen Signature Wrestling Headgear.  This head gear has been around for 50 years and it is still popular with wrestlers.

Head gear is a necessary piece of equipment for wrestlers.  It protects a wrestler from getting cauliflower ear.  Most wrestling organizations require the use of head gear when a wrestler is competing in a wrestling tournament or a dual.  The Cliff Keen head hear is preferred by most wrestlers.

Here is my honest review of this Cliff Keen headgear

Cliff Keen Wrestling Headgear

Review of Cliff Keen Signature Wrestling Headgear

This cliff keen wrestling head gear is made up of a strengthened metal shell that completely protects the ears and it covered with a foam that cushions any blows and protects the wrestler from getting cut on the metal.  The headgear has fully adjustable straps as well a comfortable chin strap.

Cliff Keen signature wrestling headgear easily fits older wrestlers as well as a youth wrestler.

What I like about Cliff Keen Wrestling Headgear

This is a tried and true wrestling headgear. it completely protects the ears from any contact.  It is lightweight and easy to wrestle when it is on.  It comes in multiple colors to match your team colors or your style.  In my review I would rate this head gear a 4 out of 5.

What I Dislike about Cliff Keen Wrestling Headgear

My main complaint with Cliff Keen headgear is that the straps tend to spread out and will slip over your head and cover up your eyes.

If a referee is paying attention, he will pull the head gear off so the wrestler can continue wrestling, but I’ve also seen a ref stop a match even when the wrestler has an advantage.

Wrestlers used to tape the cliff keen headgear straps together so it wouldn’t come off your head, but since you can no longer put tape on headgear, wrestlers will now have to buy a Two-Slot Strap Holder to secure their cliff keen headgear.

My Opinion on Cliff Keen Signature Wrestling Headgear

Maybe I’m biased because I’m and old school wrestler, but the Cliff Keen Signature Wrestling Headgear is my favorite headgear for a wrestler.  I wore it all the way through school and so do my kids.

The fact that the headgear slides off my head is a minor issue that can be fixed for 2 bucks.

The only thing I would like to see is the strap holder is shipped with the headgear and included in the price, but its not a deal breaker.

I checked Worldwide Sport Supply.  Here are a few product reviews

Review #1  I purchased this cliff keen wrestling headgear for my grandson as a gift, he absolutely loves it and it came highly recommended by the coaches of his wrestling team. The cost was great, materials fantastic, adjustable fit, and order delivery was super. This company got it out to me in about 3 days. They were easy to work with as well…. All in all, 100% satisfied customer

Review #2 This is the only headgear that I recommend, and has no web or foam that can absorb sweat and bacteria. Adjusted properly, it doesn’t come off in a match.

Review #3 Bought this headgear, along with the bucket, for my son, who is a senior in high school…he loves it so much he intends on taking it to the next level with him! Fits well and is actually comfortable for him… worth every dime!!!!

Review #4 I’ve had probably 4 different pairs of headgear, this is by far the best.

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