Wrestling Coaches Have a Lasting Impact on Wrestlers — 10 Comments

  1. what a great website – Coach Brandon Terry was that Coach for my son Cain – because of all those qualities mentioned is the reason he graduated from college with a degree , got a good job, bought a house and continues to grow. Coach Brandon Terry is the finest man/coach i will ever have the chance to be around – i still to this day support his program because i believe in him so much and believe every high school student deserves from him to be a part of their lives.

  2. I have to say I learned so much from my wrestling coach’s. Hartford MI has some of the best coach’s. Being a female wrestler was not easy I got hit in the face by my opponent and I walked over to my couch and he looked me dead at me and told me to get back out there and show him I’m not afaird to be a girl and get hurt. I have had guys refuse to wrestle me because I am a girl. That broke me because I love the sorry and my coach’s just kept building up my self esteem and pushed me to do my best. Now I strive to do my best at everything I do.



  3. My brother is Coach Nick Williams in Altus. He started wrestling at age of four under the coaching od my dad. I am so proud of his accomplishments. The process of him as a coach ans his boys, to help them become men, is incredible.

  4. I started wrestling with my coach Les Neal at the Hornsby Wrestling Club in Sydney Australia in 1969. I still meet up with him regularly to talk about wrestling and he is still in touch with most of the team. He is a true lifetime friend.

  5. Wrestling made me mature and grow up to be a good citizen, father and patriot. Food, water, sleep and weight depervation seemed like a walk in the park under the tutelage of DAN DELUCA H.S. HALL OF FAME COACH! I love my father with all my heart! But there is no way I would have reached the success in life with out his teachings and fathering :-)!! Joseph P Berger Fair Lawn H.S. 1970~73. May his Legend live on in infamy!!

  6. I have gained so much from my coaches, and learned many valuable lessons. I would not be the person I am today, nor be able to stay in the sport, if not for my high school and collegiate coaches.

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